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I'm Jean and I do UX Design & Product Management delivering solutions to the likes of Disney Parks & Resorts, Pluralsight and start-ups across Silicon Valley, Dallas and beyond. My critical research and analysis has proven time and time again necessary for successful UX in digital products. I pride ProductShift's methods and strategies in developing comprehensive product processes that allow you to become a data- driven organization.

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UX Design + Design Thinking = Instant Results

Data-driven, user experience design aims to know your personas so well that you can't lose. Design Thinking means I not only care about your users, but consider your team and bottom line too.

User Desireability
Ensuring your users love the experience of your product.
Team Feasibility
Ensuring your team can execute the design on time.
Product Viability
Ensuring product is competitive and lucrative.

This is how I work

Every product is unique which means processes should adjust accordingly. Still every project fellows this basic structure:
Depending on your needs, I can determine which research method can give us the best knowledge base to extrapolate on throughout the design process.
Given the direction our research shows, I'll build prototypes. These start very low fidelity and become higher and higher fidelity as I test.
Thus begins the "test, iterate, test" cycle. Here is where every hunch, idea, and speculation can be seen by the users. Findings are never what you'd expect, and new iterations ideas may form too.
I use a phased approach when releasing for even a well-tested product. Quantitative validation helps make final tweaks ensuring a safe & lucrative investment for the business.

With fresh eyes, we'll combine user research with market analysis and aim to hit the business objectives you want to achieve.


Next, I build lo-fi mocks based on learnings from prior step. This can include paper mock-ups, wireframes, or even adjusted existing interfaces.


A cycle of "test, iterate, test" now begins. Every test session delivers more answers, and every new iteration becomes a higher-fidelity product.


Shipping is done with a smaller percentage of users first. When this segment achieves desired metric, a larger segment is exposed until product is 100% released.

Featured Work

Prioritization Calculated

The Kano Model is a methodology used to statistically identify which features or products users and businesses would benefit from the most. Here it is being used as a guide to determine priority.

New Feature | Concept to Release

Now a feature on Pluralsight, "Projects" answered a need identified during persona development for a more interactive and "true to life" experience.
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Data-backed Personas

Cross-examining quantitative to qualitative data to achieve total confidence in who our user base is and how best to serve them.
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ZenSpace is an IoT Start-Up in Silicone Valley. Their pods were entirely manually reserved but no bookings were successfully happening without assistance. Users were completely missing the tablet on the side of the pod and reached directly for the door handle. I proposed, designed and product managed the implementation of the centralized kiosk. There was additional functionality that managed the lights, lock, and fan within the pods as well.

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I had the profound privelege of working as a Innovation & Experience Designer with Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Technology. We leveraged a heavily regulated Pattern Library while being directed by specific business requirements, we designed internal applications for our fellow cast members. After ideation sessions and light ethnographic research, Axure was used to create complex prototypes and delivered with in-depth documentation to the development teams. This is password protected! Please reach out if you have any questions.

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Debunking assumptions for developers about developers was no easy task, but worth millions. Despite intense skepticism throughout our research, the project was a total success. Pluralsight's strategy team could properly place Code School more intelligently in their ecosystem for potentially millions of dollars worth of wins. Still more, user drop-off was explained while more opportunities revealed themselves the more the personas were utilized.

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This project had a soul with it’s intent to serve the elderly or foreigners that may need help understanding the next steps of their medical journey. The design of the project was a great success. Once the development started, I wish I would’ve been more clear in my standards as it became necessary I jump in and finish the development of this project.

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How do convert a printed magazine into a digital fashion go-to. The client was hoping to stay current by going digital. These faux designs were meant to be a conversation starter into what could be a digital platform. I placed the model on a card with affordance to invite the user to play around with different looks. I wanted to play with the feeling of high interactivity to engage within a normally bland e-commerce experience.

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Here, industrial machines integrated into a valuable search engine. CNC Machines were hard at work building a backend & database for the commercial machinery industry. The persona was not used to technology so UX Design had to adjust and walk the users through the type of machine while catering to how the backend was already functioning to provide valuable pricing information to the user.

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Or Are We Dancers

Digital sketch done in ProCreate. Though only partially related, the usability of ProCreate is notable. I felt they understood me, as if they'd done their research!

Inevitable fate of Startups

Drawn for my blog article "How the closing of Code School & Facebook's stock drop are related". Digital painting with Adobe's Illustrator
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Professor's Portrait

A portrait done for a college professor. Digital painting using iPad's Adobe Illustrator app.

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We're proud to offer UX & Product Services á la carte so your team can stay both knowledgeable & flexible
user testing validation
user testing

After testing, we deliver suggested tweaks to your product or prototype with full analysis against all results. You will be delivered a full report + suggested next steps for your app.

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design sprint facilitation
design sprint

If you have an app idea you always wanted to test, here's your chance to do it like Google tests their ideas!

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professional usability audit
UX Audit

Learn exactly where your site needs improvement. Build trust, improve usability, increase engagement and be confident in prioritization with a full site or product audit.

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